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In Bharateeya system of living women (Sthree) occupy an exalted position. Every nation inherits a culture of its own and it is the lifeline. From time immemorial, we, Bharateeyas, have adopted family as the seat of our civilization and in the family women were adored as protectors of this culture. In other words, women played a vital role in the national well being, as the nation is nothing but a progression of the family matrix.

In the current day nuclear double income family system of living, the joint family system has been totally destroyed, leading to national loss.

We find intercaste marriages, which bring disrepute to the families concerned. Those married also realise later that their decision to marry was a hasty one and ends up with a legal separation. All these reflect in the societal canvass and make a irreparable damage to the culture.

The current day problems are mainly due to the lack of SAMSKARAS, which were practiced in the joint family structure. With a view to highlight the importance of arranged marriages amongst school, college, office going girls, the programme YUVASRI has been evolved.