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Swadharmasri - स्वधर्मश्री
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Bharateeya culture sustains only because of the existence of the family structure. This is the only differentiating factor between Hinduism (our way of life) and other civilisations. Ours is a duty based society. Every Parent has a duty towards their children viz., to raise them with proper knowledge to lead a disciplined life as per our scriptures. In the process, they should lead a life as a role model to the children to emulate in future.

SWADHARMASRI is aimed at bringing forth the following important aspects of life:

  • The greatness of family values and the pride attached to it.
  • Basic ingredients of a Hindu Home and the thought of Hinduness.
  • The importance of PANCHANGAM, use of it and the basic knowledge.
  • Various challenges in raising the child, ways to find a solution for every situations.
  • Comprehensive knowledge about DHARMA