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Welcome to Veda bharathi

It is a Proven fact that practicing Dharma is an important element for Universal happiness and well being. Unlike religion, which is ephimeral, Dharma is eternal. Hence it is called 'SANATHANA DHARMA'. Our scriptures (VEDAS) are the roots of this SANATHANA DHARMA Tree. VEDO KHILO DHARMA MOOLAM (वेदोखिलो धर्म मूलं). To protect the Sanathana Dharma, Vedas are to be protected, thereby protecting the entire Universe.

In this effort 'Veda Bharathi' has come out with 3 important programmes involving the major part of the society.

1, Sandhya Vandanam
2, Yuvasri
3, Swadharmasri

All the above Programmes have been evolved, bringing a fusion of the modern day living and the traditional vedic way of living.